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10 reasons I prefer practicing using ForScore on my iPad

  1. The screen is self-illuminated and it doesn't matter if there is enough light in the room.

  2. I can annotate in different colors, and in a range of thicknesses.

  3. It's erasable and there are no imprints from old markings after I do erase.

  4. I can get all the page turns on my own, using my bluetooth-connected foot pedal.

  5. ForScore has a metronome built in.

  6. I can add accidentals that look as if they are printed in the part.

  7. I can duplicate and rearrange the pages, in order to facilitate repeats without turning back.

  8. It is light and holds a basically infinite amount of music.

  9. It has a clock built in, so I can keep track of the time to notate in my practice journal.

  10. I can create "setlists" from my music, organizing it in rehearsal or concert order.


5 ways a paper score is still better:

  1. It is wonderful to have a library of music on my shelves that I can browse, leaf through, and refer to for old markings and notations.

  2. A score doesn't have a screen.

  3. I can have two pages open at once.

  4. It isn't subject to technological failures.

  5. It is a low-tech, non-digital technology, just like the piano.

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