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How to make and upload an audition video to YouTube

I have been watching a lot of audition videos lately, and I have noticed there is a lot of variation in video quality. Having a high-quality video makes a difference and adds polish to your application.

Here is a step-by-step guide on making and uploading an audition video to submit to a summer camp, festival, school, or competition.


Step 1: Make sure you understand the audition requirements.

Look at the website for the place where you are auditioning to get information about acceptable repertoire and what the expectations are. If you aren't sure, contact the program administrator and ask if the selections you are considering would fit the program you are applying for.

Step 2: Find a good piano, and dress for success.

Find a place with a good piano where you will be able to make your video. The piano should be in tune and in good working condition.

A video audition is a type of performance, so I recommend that an applicant consider wearing performance attire or avoiding overly casual dress.

Step 3: Set up your camera.

Although the sound quality will be higher with professional sound equipment, it is usually perfectly acceptable to make a video on a smartphone. Be sure to use a tripod or set the camera on a surface that will not move (as opposed to having someone hold it in their hands). This keeps the picture stationary and yields a more professional-looking result.

Position the camera so the applicant's face and hands are visible and also that the piano keys and music desk (or other instrument) are visible. Avoid getting too far away because if the camera is too far away, not only is it harder to see, but it can also negatively impact the sound by picking up too much reverberation from the room.

Step 4: Perform your chosen piece.

Do multiple play-throughs of each piece and choose the best one for each selection that you are submitting.

Make one video file per piece you are submitting (don't make one longer file with multiple pieces).

Step 5: Edit the video.

Edit the beginning and end of the video so it starts and ends cleanly, not with somebody talking, for example. You can do this directly on your phone or in a program like GarageBand or iMovie (Mac) or MovieMaker (PC).

Extra bonus: if you are comfortable with basic video editing, add text at the beginning of each video with the applicant's name and the composer/title of the selection.


Uploading the video (desktop version):

Step 1: Sign in to YouTube.

Step 2: Upload your video files.

Click on the image of a video camera with a "plus" sign on it, located to the right of the Search bar.

Select "Upload Video" from the dropdown menu.

You will see a dialog window that says "Drag and drop a file you want to upload."

Drag and drop your file, or click the blue "Select File" button to select the file from your computer.

Step 3: Label the video files.

After you select the video you are uploading, a new dialog screen will open. In the box that says "Title (required)" write the applicant's name, the composer's name, and the name and movement title (if applicable) of the piece being performed.

Step 4: Set the privacy settings.

After being prompted to answer the required question about whether the video is made for children, press "Next" to advance to the next screen, called "Video Elements." There is nothing you need to do there, so press "Next" again to advance to the screen called "Visibility."

Click on the triangle on the right side of the box where it says "Publish Now" to reveal a dropdown menu.

Tick the circle next to the option "Unlisted" on the dropdown menu. This privacy setting allows the video to be found on YouTube only by individuals who have the link. It will not be searchable and nobody else will have access to it.

Click "Done."

Step 4: Submit the video

Now, all you need to do is copy the link and submit it.

After it has finished processing, you will see the video in your dashboard. Click on the thumbnail and then copy the text labeled "Video Link" on the right side of the page.

This is the link you will submit to the program you are applying for. Paste the link into the appropriate part of the application that asks for video selections.

Repeat this process for each selection you are submitting.

Congratulations! You have created and uploaded your audition video!

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